How It All Started

Ed, Reva and their family moved to Tacoma in 1989 and in 1992 began their own Harley Davidson motorcycle parts and service shop.

In 1994 Ed and Reva put up a tent in the back of their property and called it Christian Biker Tabernacle as way to reach out to the seemingly unreachable biker community about their love for the God they served. About the same time, they started a food bank called B.A.S.H., (Biker's Against Statewide Hunger). They not only distributed food from the back of their motorcyle store, but delivered food to the needy.

Through the years as the Tabernacle grew, Ed & Reva have been involved in helping other ministries in distributing food, clothes and a helping hand - including feeding the homeless on the streets of Tacoma. Their involvement in The Friday Night Feed, as it is now know, included actively feeding and helping the "street people" of Tacoma for about 13 years.

It was because of the street ministry and the people they met there that began their desire for a more meaningful and long term to help these people that were placed in their path. As they fed the poor, sick and discouraged people their hearts were torn because they wanted to do more than just feed them and walk away - leaving them in their hopeless situation. Ed started bringing people home with him and eventually Ed and Reva and the three remaining children at home, had house guests living in the garage, in the spare bedrooms and in the living room. At first Ed only brought men home because he didn't want men and women all together so they had to leave the women out in the streets or buy bus tickets for them to go to a California program that they knew about there. That became a financial burden so they kept trying to figure out what else they could do. They had just paid off their mortgage on their home so they decided to get a second mortgage and buy a house so they could help the women.

That was in June of 2000 whne God's Ranch (dorm's for women), was born. They still had men living in their house up to 12 to 18 at a time. In March 2005 they mortgaged God's Ranch and their home again to buy The house of Adullum (dorm's for men). There was still a pain in their heart for the women that they met that had children. Finally after much prayer, they were able to morgage God's Ranch, Adullum and their home again and purchased Matthew's House, dorm's for Mom's with children in 2007. Since June 2000 they've house over 550 Women, 325 Mne and 16 Children to date.

They also have people in several transition rental houses that the church pays for, who have "graduated" from the residential ministry programs - these folks are all actively working and contributing to the community and to the ministry.

Thank you and be blessed.

Christian Biker Tabernacle