Women's Program

God's Ranch, (Dorm's for Women).
(see Dorm Rules)

God's Ranch is a Theological Intership for women with serious life issues such as drug addiction, prostitution, incarceration, homelessness, domestic abuse, etc... Women from all over the Northwest call or write expressing such hopelessness in their lives and tehy are desperate fro love; unfortunately space is limited to sixteen women and because of the great demand we are almost always at maximum capacity. The God's Ranch program is one year in length with an initial commitment of six months. The ladies spend their time studying the Bble and learning to redefine themselves by God's standards. Almost every woman who comes to our program has been abused in some way and been beaten down emotionally;  it is our job to build each woman up until she can see just how priceless she is in the eyes of the Lord. It is vital for a woman to see her value according to how the Lord sees her in order to achieve victory over drugs, alcohol, depression, and domestic abuse. This program is not co-ed. The women have a separate house from the men providing a better opportunity to focus on the Lord.

Both discipleships require a minimum commitment of six months to the year long program. The program is not a run of the mill recovery center. We are Christ centered teaching people to live a life pleasing to God. God’s Ranch and the House of Adullam are safe havens for the lost and afflicted to make an entire life change.

We are here for people in recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, incarceration, homelessness or abuse. The residents are given a Holy Bible, a lot of love and instruction. The first thirty days a resident will not be allowed to make any phone calls but a resident can write letters. The residents are not allowed to leave the house by themselves and will only go places for church functions. Residents will attend a Scriptural 12-step Bible study three times per week and church service three times per week. There are daily chores, Bible assignments with life application summaries, and group Bible study.

After the initial 30 days residents will start working with our outreach ministry partnerships with World Vision. This facilitates the establishment of good job skills and strong work ethics that many may have never had, or had a chance to learn. After their 90 day milestone residents are eligible for a home weekend twice per month to a direct family member’s home that is clean and sober. After the residents 6 month milestone and review, they may be encouraged and required to actively seek gainful employment, and then learn to pay rent, save and budget monies so they can find their own apartment getting on with their new life, living clean, sober and making their own way with out being a burden on family, friends or society as a whole.

However, the ministry is always here to offer support and encouragement to everyone who comes through our doors.

The Christian Biker Tabernacle polices are as follows:

We can not accept anyone who is currently taking psychotropic medications of any kind (anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, etc); we do not have staff available or qualified for this medical condition. If you are taking this type of medication, you have the option to stop taking the medication to enter the program.

The only medications that will be allowed are those for life threatening conditions: i.e. Diabetes, Asthma, Stroke or Heart conditions.


We do not discriminate for any reason.

We take participants on a first come basis.

We will not hold a bed for longer then one week, and then only if special arrangements have been made.

Visitations are held only at the Tabernacle!
The Times are as follows:

Thursdays from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Sundays from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Visitors are welcome to stay for church services after visits.