"Words" (Mar2018)


    Too often words are appropriated and given a counter meaning to their original intent. At first glance this may seem to be somewhat accidental or to happen by chance but in spiritual reality there is a process taking place that must be recognized.

    Just as there is counterfeiting of money, of concert tickets, of designer clothes and so much more, there is a concerted effort to counterfeit words with an end goal of counterfeiting God’s word.

    For example the rainbow in scripture is a representation of God’s promise not to destroy the earth with flood again as in the time of Noah. Now the word and visual of it has been hijacked by the LGBT community to be a symbol of their so-called plight. I agree they have a plight but it is not what they think it is. Hate the sin nit the sinner.

    The word diversity should have a noble meaning as in strength due to different perspectives and experiences, and as an example of how the gifts of the spirit strengthen a church but too often now it is used as a key word to divide us along racial lines.

                   To modify the meaning of words is to add ambiguity and dilute our understanding and ability to communicate clearly. This is represented in a word called entropy. In scientific terms entropy states that the universe goes from a state of organization to a state of disorder as time passes on. Words do this also.

    Our goal of perfection seems to be running in reverse; another way of saying this is God is perfection, and so time is unnecessary to Him because in Him nothing needs to change. We are the ones who need time to change, but I digress.

    Satan is the father of lies and along with our carnality is the cause of spiritual uncertainty.  For this cause not only is it imperative to study scripture, but it is also necessary to use a concordance to translate the words of scripture from the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek original languages to truly understand the words.

    Essential to this course of action is prayer and the revelation of the Holy Spirit for those among us who truly seek to understand the word of God as revealed to us in Holy Scripture. God’s Word is truth and truth will…………

                                                                                                                                                                Pastor Joe