Mission Statement

Our Plan of Faith, Our Ministry Plan

A) Be a benefit To The Community.

Our hope is that the community would be blessed and benifited, not only by the burden being lifted economically, but spiritually as well. A darkened spirit affects not only the individual but all who come into contact with him.
We also believe that society's woes are greatly attributed to the lifestyles led by those living in this darkened spiritual state. By teaching Bible based ethics and morals, our hope is that the community would be a more Christ like place to live. (1 John 1:7)

B) Steps We Are Taking Towards This End.

The first step, of course, is to introduce people to our Lord Jesus Christ. We do this through an immediate and unconditional love for everyone that God sends to us.
(1 John 3:18)

The second step is our truthful testimony about what the Lord has done in our own lives, (Rev. 12:11) in this way, perhaps we can lead them to an understanding that God can and does change lives for the better regardless
of our past.

The third step is bringing these people to the acknowledgment that we are indeed sinners, but that God has offered us salvation through the blood of His Son, Jesus, and that by His name alone we can be saved.
(Romans 3:23 10:13)

The fourth step is to disciple individuals continually, through love, teachings, and our own actions. We strongly believe that we must live by The Book, and by doing so, break down the walls of hypocrisy that have stereotyped Christianity in the past. Christ summed it up perfectly with the Great Commission. (Matt. 28:18-20)

We strive as a body to fulfill this commission as faithful disciples of our Lord. We work diligently not only at our weekly church services, but with God's Ranch, our discipleship program, by feeding the homeless people in the surrounding cities, by ministering to those in jail and youth detention, by visiting hospitals, and by operating our own food and clothing banks.

C) Our Long Range Vision.

Our goal for this ministry is to offer the best possible discipleship programs that we can. Bringing unbelievers to their specific callings in fulfilling "The Great Commission." The outreach began with God's Ranch, a place of refuge and learning for women, followed by House of Adullam for men to learn about the love of Christ. We currently have God's Ranch for Women, Adullam for men has closed temporarily.

Our programs include daily Bible study, worship, private and group devotions, along with job readiness training, household and family skills and scheduling preparation, also lots of love and fellowship.