"Facebook, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly" (Jun2018)

Facebook, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Kind of a funny title for a commentary in a church newsletter but maybe by the end you’ll be able to see the connection I’m trying to make.

Facebook, I really like Facebook, I ‘live’ Facebook. By its own definition it is a “social networking site that makes it easy for you to connect and share with your family and friends online.” It’s today’s world. It’s how I see pictures of my grandkids, it’s how I stay connected with old classmates, childhood friends, relatives I’ve never really met, even remember birthdays, on and on and on. Gone are the days of receiving a letter in the mail with a couple of printed pictures of your grandkids having fun in the pool. It’s now instantaneous. This could be considered the GOOD side of Facebook. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter they are the ‘right now’ world. The things we post, share, make comment on,  paint an invisible portrait of who we are, what we like (or don’t like) what we believe. These things can create a deeper picture of us than any face to face meeting could, which brings me to the BAD & UGLY side of Facebook.

By now the whole world probably knows of the incident I had on Facebook a few weeks ago. It started when a ‘friend’ shared a post with content that was vulgar. It had no place on Facebook and I commented as such. The barrage of replies went on for at least 24 hours. Mostly supporting the posters “right” to share whatever they wanted. Some were verbal attacks on me, but the sad part was the vulgarity in the ensuing replies became worse than the original post.

So what’s my point? I could have just flipped through the post and said nothing, I could have unfriended the poster, I could have reported the post to Facebook (although I don’t believe their “live and let live” type philosophy would have reaped any results) or I could make a comment, which I did. That invisible portrait of those involved started to become very UGLY. It is the portrait of a dark, dark world, a lost world. A world in which we, as believers, are to be a light. I’m not a bible-thumpin, scripture-reciting, jam-it-down-your-throat person but I believe the word of God tells me to be BOLD (as bold as I can be). BOLD for what is right and BOLD against what is wrong. Facebook and other social networking programs are tools from God, tools for us to spread and shine His light! “YOU ARE THE LIGHT, THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, AND WE SHINE YOU LORD”